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Countdown To Classic

Sep 26, 2020

Tune in for an important episode today as we crash tackle a very important issue that has unfortunately been sighted in the last week in WoW Classic - flyhacking.

Listen in as Ayle and Judene and I discuss hacking, cheating and where this may take Classic if things go unaddressed.

After that, I speak with Zarator and Richie about if, and perhaps more importantly, when we might get TBC Classic.

Finally, I wind up the show with the first of three calls coming speaking to the amazing people of the Countdown guilds around the world, starting with the horde guild <Countdown> on the NA servers.

  • Call #1 Flyhacking @ 3:10
  • Call #2 TBC When @ 48:35
  • Call #3 - Meet <Countdown> @ 1:18:55

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