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Countdown To Classic

Nov 19, 2021

Welcome to the gaming podcast where it's not my opinion that counts - but yours! Listen in each episode as Josh sits down for lengthy chats with passionate people about the things we love.

Today, we sit down for an interview with none other than the head of Classic himself, Brian Birmingham.  Listen in as Josh puts all the important questions we've had for Blizzard to Brian.

  • 0:00 - Important Intro
  • 2:20 - Hello!
  • 4:12 - Same Classic Team, New SoM Attitude?
  • 8:15 - Is There a Concern over 'Too Much Classic'?
  • 13:10 - Which SoM Changes Hit The Cutting Room Floor?
  • 19:20 - What Would You Change About Classic If You Could?
  • 23:50 - TBC Server Transfers - Why Now?
  • 26:45 - How Flexible Is The Team on SoM Changes?
  • 29:12 - Are Class Changes Even A Possibility?
  • 31:10 - Is The Industry War on Bots 'Winnable'?
  • 35:58 - What Proactivity Is Taking Place To Beat Bots in Classic?
  • 40:00 - As a Player of the Game, Do You Sympathise with Frustrations on Botting?
  • 45:50 - Gold Buying in Classic WoW
  • 49:00 - Brian's Thoughts on GDKP's & Buying Services in Game
  • 53:15 - Brian's Thoughts on the Instance Farming Meta
  • 58:45 - How was SoM Launch in light of this week's Blizzard news?


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