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Countdown To Classic

Sep 15, 2020

Welcome to the Josh Corbett Podcast, where it's not my opinion that counts, but yours!

Listen in today as the show takes calls from the gaming community, discussing the news and issues that we bond over as gamers.

This week, we talk about the long awaited leak/news regarding the Xbox Series S and what Microsoft has up their sleeve for us, the PS1 had a quiet milestone through the week as it celebrated its 25th birthday so we wax nostalgia about that beloved platform, and then MMORPG fans give their impressions from the recent 'New World' preview.


  • Xbox Series S w/ Amedes - 1:15
  • PS1 25th Birthday Party w/ Starmike - 23:50
  • New World Preview Impressions w/ North & Kagar - 53:50

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