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Countdown To Classic

Feb 14, 2019

Listen in on a fun group chat all about one of the more beloved instances in vanilla WoW - Scarlet Monastery.

Join Josh, Defcamp, Melderon and Orcbit as they reunite and talk all about why High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane and her loveable band of religious zealots are so much fun to go and visit time after time.

The episode also touches on Enhancement Shaman and The Four Horsemen, before finishing up with fan favourite segments Anger Management and Memory Lane.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 - Scarlet Monastery With Defcamp, Melderon & Orcbit - 2:10
  • Calling Countdown #2 - Enhancement Shaman With Sakuraba - 1:26:10
  • Forum & Fauna - The Four Horsemen - 1:41:35
  • Anger Management - 2:10:35
  • Memory Lane - 2:16:50


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