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Countdown To Classic

Feb 16, 2020

Josh signs off for the final time as we go through a bunch more listener calls with many of the show's favourite guests from the past two years.

Touching on topics such as BWL, what's to come for WoW Classic, how it all worked out for casuals, the Oceanic experience and a final exit interview with the show's host, as well as a hell of a lot of thank yous.

It has been a privilege to have you tune in every week to Countdown To Classic.  Thank you so much everyone.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 - Blackwing Lair w/ Bawlsosteel, Docken & TheNidhugg (Recorded December 8, 2019) - 3:25
  • Calling Countdown #2 - WoW Classic: The Review w/ Ayle, Defcamp, Melderon & Taladril (Recorded December 7, 2019) - 49:30
  • Calling Countdown #3 - The Casual Experience w/ Fahq, Jamie, Palfuris, TianSG (Recorded December 1, 2019) - 1:32:10
  • Calling Countdown #4 - The Oceanic Experience on Arugal w/ Alenya, Antecedence, Jay, Lokth, & Rand (Recorded December 15, 2019) - 2:20:50
  • Calling Countdown #5 - The Exit Interview w/ Ayle (Recorded January 19, 2020) - 2:56:55
  • Thank You Shout Outs - 4:09:05


Keep an eye out for The Josh Corbett Podcast coming to you in late March featuring Final Fantasy VII as its first subject!

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