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Countdown To Classic

May 18, 2021

Welcome to the TBC Classic podcast where it's not my opinion that counts - but yours! Each episode Josh chats with the WoW Classic community on the issues surrounding The Burning Crusade.

Grinding a Paladin or Shaman over the next few days/weeks? Need a boatload of epic content to keep you covered while you tune out and do so? I've got your back with 4 (!!!!) hours of show today.  So, what's in it?

Firstly, we talk with a bunch of GM's about the guild related issues that are involved in taking a team of players from WoW Classic to TBC Classic, and weave in some crazy guild tales as we do so.

After that, it's time for a quick hit of news, as we discuss the seemingly subtle, but quietly huge, decision by Blizz not to have guild banks up and running on launch.

Finally, we go way off topic, and take the time to discuss another MMORPG on the horizon, as the Ashes of Creation Alpha NDA is lifted, and we can hear about what's brewing over in Verra....

Time Stamps:

  • TBC Guild Issues w/ Erfala, Ginto, Hunkle, NostalgiaDad, and Staunch- 1:50
  • Guild Banks w/ Alenya, Ayle, and Bawlsosteel - 1:37:50
  • Ashes of Creation Alpha w/ North - 2:05:30

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