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Countdown To Classic

May 27, 2022

Welcome to the WoW Classic podcast where it's not my opinion that counts - but yours! Listen in each episode as Josh sits down for lengthy chats with passionate gamers, devs and listeners.

Today, we discuss the recent mention of potential racial ability changes in WOTLK Classic with long time Countdown favourites Fahq and Hunk, as well as competing at the highest level in raid content with Calamity's Erfala.

  • Intros & Welcome - 2:00
  • Why We're Obssessed With Racial Abilities - 5:30
  • Will Racial Abilities Affect Faction Population Numbers? - 9:15
  • Bigger PvP or PvE Ramifications? 13:40
  • Solutions No-one Asked For - 18:08
  • Changes Should Add Fun, Not Remove Fun - 26:16
  • Does Removing Racial Abilities From Arena Dumb It Down? - 31:22
  • What Racial Changes Could Possibly 'Solve The Issue'? - 40:10
  • Do Brian's Words Carry Weight In This Instance? - 49:15
  • Screwing The Alliance/'fAcTiOn BiAs' - 52:06
  • Change The Consumption, Not The Content - 58:40
  • Raid Lockout Changes - 1:02:50
  • Wintergrasp Changes - 1:04:32
  • Paid Faction Changes/The Monetisation of Wrath - 1:10:10
  • Pre-Nerf/Post-Nerf Content 1:20:28
  • Brian's Comments on Bots/Level 55 DK's For All - 1:24:58
  • BT Speed Running and SWP Races w/ Erfala - 1:32:50

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