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Countdown To Classic

Apr 24, 2019

Big news this past week as we were told by big blue that internal alpha testing had begun over at Irvine! Josh breaks down this news and what it means for us moving forward with the listeners.

Then we hear from former vanilla WoW class designer Kevin Jordan on Warlocks for another amazing segment of Ask Kevin.


Apr 17, 2019

Countdown To Classic turns in its 100th episode, and hits that century mark in style by bringing you a bunch of great calls with the listeners of the show.

First, Josh undertakes the most ambitious call in history as he gets 10 people on the line to discuss the emotional journey of the past three years, from the...

Apr 12, 2019

Countdown is back with two, count 'em, two very special guests this week as the show keeps going with another packed episode full of WoW Classic goodness.

First up, Josh is humbled to be joined by Luke Lafreniere of Linus Tech Tips fame, to discuss his love of vanilla WoW and his time with Nostalrius.

After that, we...

Apr 3, 2019

The show brings back vanilla WoW Class Designer Kevin Jordan once again to cover off on Shaman, Josh gets on the wowey sauce and discusses beta possibilities with the listeners. 

We also hear from the show's resident PvP expert OhGee about Blizzard's decision to implement spell batching in WoW: Classic, and then Josh...