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Countdown To Classic

Sep 24, 2018

Josh loosens his tie a little and brings you a fun trip through time with friend of the show, dareal MarkyMark, as Countdown To Classic loosely covers every major patch that came in the vanilla WoW life cycle.

After that, Josh chats with MysticalOS of Deadly Boss Mods fame, all about DBM, addons, personal life and plans...

Sep 20, 2018

The listeners are running the asylum!

Josh cleans out the Countdown To Classic closet with a whole bunch of listener calls and memory lane submissions that he's been sitting on for a few weeks.

So listen in as he hands the reins of the show over to you, the listener! No pressure!

Highlights Below:

  • Scarab Lords -...

Sep 17, 2018

Countdown To Classic is back with another great in depth class interview.

Today, join Josh as he sits down with Melderon and Orcbit to discuss everything and anything about those totem pounding, lightning wielding and chain healing Shamans!

After that, Josh is joined once again by former vanilla dev, John Staats, to...

Sep 10, 2018

Venture into the Necropolis with Countdown To Classic as Josh enlists the help of listener Ayle in explaining what makes Naxxramas such a special place in vanilla World of Warcraft.

Ayles walks and talks us through Naxx's true difficulty, what may come with Classic, discussions and thoughts on each and every encounter,...

Sep 3, 2018

Hunters! Listen up! Countdown To Classic comes at you this week with an interview with two of the best in the business for another entry of our general class overviews.

Josh puts Timecop and Raziya on the hot seat as they answer a barrage of questions all about their thoughts on the perception of the class today,...