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Countdown To Classic

Apr 16, 2022

Welcome to the gaming podcast where it's not my opinion that counts - but yours! Listen in each episode as Josh sits down for lengthy chats with passionate people about the things we love.

Today, The Starting Zone's Jason Lucas returns to regale us with all the retail talk you could ever want about the speculation surrounding the next expansion reveal on April 19.  Listen in and the two J's dive into a Shadowlands recap, what may come with a potential 'Dragonflight', and discuss the retail community in 2022.

  • Hugs and Kisses - 1:29
  • Content Creation in the Current Blizzard Climate - 7:50
  • The Shadowlands Review - 15:40
  • The Neverending Story - 28:15
  • Dragonflight - 37:00
  • I Preferred Fleetwood Mac's Rumours - 46:40
  • You Can't Buy Class - 53:45
  • Pimp My Toon - 1:02:00
  • Being Professional - 1:13:15
  • The Player Housing Crisis - 1:17:15
  • The House That Systems Built - 1:29:00
  • Hate The Game, Not The Dev - 1:50:35
  • Such a Beta - 2:02:50
  • Do You Even Have Snake On Your Phone? - 2:14:15

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