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Countdown To Classic

May 1, 2019

Countdown To Classic calls in the big guns as the show welcomes a very special guest, and an MMORPG heavy hitter in Scott Hartsman.

Scott shares stories about competing against WoW as the technical director for Everquest and Everquest 2, as well as trying to trying to break away from the pack during his time as CEO of Trion Worlds with Rift.  He also gives some great thoughts on WoW Classic and the potential future of the MMORPG genre as a whole.

The great chat keeps coming as the episode also hits on the big news we got recently about Blizzard's stance on progressive itemization in Classic with Nano (Nostalrius Core) & the listeners, as well as going through the design history and thought process behind making Priests in vanilla WoW with former class designer, Kevin Jordan.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 - Progressive itemization news with Nano, Fredmunroe & Ante - 5:10
  • Calling Countdown #2 - A History of Everquest vs. WoW & the future of MMORPG's with Scott Hartsman (EQ/EQ2/Rift) - 35:20
  • Calling Countdown #3 - Kevin Jordan on Priest Design with Fahq - 1:59:55


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