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Countdown To Classic

Apr 24, 2019

Big news this past week as we were told by big blue that internal alpha testing had begun over at Irvine! Josh breaks down this news and what it means for us moving forward with the listeners.

Then we hear from former vanilla WoW class designer Kevin Jordan on Warlocks for another amazing segment of Ask Kevin.

After that, the show features an in depth interview with Martin Falch, creator of the immensely popular machinima series from back in the day, 'Tales of the Past' to discuss the ins and outs of making those movies.

Finally, we hear all about the pros and cons of knowing vanilla quests inside and out.

Highlights Below:

  • Calling Countdown #1 - Alpha Announced - 4:55
  • Calling Countdown #2 - Kevin Jordan On Warlocks - 29:05
  • Calling Countdown #3 - Tales of the Past - 1:09:50
  • Calling Countdown #4 - Quest Knowledge - 2:04:15


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