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Countdown To Classic

Nov 12, 2020

Welcome to the TBC Classic podcast where it's not my opinion that counts - but yours! Each episode Josh chats with the WoW Classic community on the issues surrounding The Burning Crusade.

This episode we step into the shadows to discuss Rogues as Josh recruits four sneaky pricks to discuss all the weird and wonderful TBC related issues for rogues.  Then we turn to our first bit of news that will have ramifications in TBC as Blizzard dropped a multiboxing bomb on the community.  Josh recruited a couple of longtime multiboxers to get their take on the issue, and presents community gripes to them, so that we get to hear from both sides of the coin on the news.

Time Stamps:

  • Rogues w/ Bawlsosteel, Fiveshot, John, & Rand  - 1:35
    • The Melee DPS Issue - 4:50
    • Rogue Utility - 13:15
    • Improved Expose Armour - 23:20
    • The 'Go To' Raid Spec - 26:00
    • Rogue Itemisation - 30:00
    • Combat - 36:25
    • Assassination - 47:00
    • Subtlety - 53:40
    • Arena - 1:03:25
    • Rogue Loot Hit List - 1:25:35
  • Multiboxing News w/ Ayle, Burly, & Wada - 1:36:35

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