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Countdown To Classic

Apr 7, 2021

Welcome to the TBC Classic podcast where it's not my opinion that counts - but yours! Each episode Josh chats with the WoW Classic community on the issues surrounding The Burning Crusade.

Former TBC dev Shawn Carnes agreed to sit down with me for an interview.  I warned him that interviews with me tend a little long.  4 beautiful hours later, this is what we wound up with.

Get comfy on your couch, crack open a cold beer, and drink along with Shawn and I as we take a trip down memory lane with one of the more interesting gaming careers out there.  We touch on TBC, vanilla WoW, Magic: The Gathering, the WoW TCG, and League of Legends over the course of this two part interview.  Enjoy these first two hours today and come back for more in a few days time.

This is not the greatest interview in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

Time Stamps:

4:30 Magic: The Gathering

23:15 Meeting the WoW team + Mentors

32:10 Alex Afrasiabi

35:40 Jeff Kaplan

38:45 Memorable Quests

45:00 The Infamous Blizzard Defenestration

46:55 TBC Work

49:30 Kevin Jordan

55:20 Designing the intro on Sunstrider Isle

57:55 Thoughts on the effect that TBC had on the staff and the game

1:11:25 Working with Chris Metzen

1:19:05 Beer Break and Shawn’s Magical Sydney Story

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