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Countdown To Classic - A World Of Warcraft Classic Podcast

Jul 16, 2018

It's Interview Week over at Countdown To Classic HQ as we start the week off with the first of three in depth interviews, supplemented with a mini interview afterwards.

Today, we go over a bit of blanket coverage of Mages in vanilla World of Warcraft as hardcore raider North stops by to discuss everything and anything in relation to our frost/fire/arcane spell slinging friends.

After that, Josh takes a 'shorter' call (being less than an hour....just) from listener Deathlace, who talked Smite Priests, theorycrafting, arcane mages, and eventually unveiled himself as a game dev/designer for a well known title (which shall remain nameless!) and finished off by briefly discussing game design & itemisation in vanilla WoW.

Highlights Below:

  • In Depth Interview - 3:20
  • Anger Management - 1:31:35
  • The Hot Seat - 1:32:50
  • Calling Countdown - 1:42:25
  • Shout Outs & Show News - 2:24:10


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