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Countdown To Classic - A World Of Warcraft Classic Podcast

May 7, 2018

Roll out the red carpet for the week to come with some Countdown To Classic!

Josh is feeling a little under the weather today, so in lieu of the regular Monday forum trip, it's going to be another in depth interview! What a slacker!! Today, we talk to YouTuber & streamer 'The Big Fish' who talks about humour in WoW, gaming at a young age, MMO history and WoW's effect on the genre.


  • In Depth Interview With The Big Fish - 3:10
  • Anger Management - 58:25
  • The Hot Seat - 1:00:00
  • Calling Countdown - Call #1 @ 1:13:30, Call #2 @ 1:27:00
  • Show News - 1:40:15 

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